Sunday, 1 July 2012

My thoughts on England 2 weeks in.....


Utterly depressing haha, but aside from the mood dampening weather, it's not been too bad I must admit.

Work on the farm has been of a nature that I must admit I haven't gotten used to yet, it's hard physically exerting and at times complicated but that hasn't really bothered me too much, what has bothered me is the way my body is reacting to the country air.

The farm I'm working on is a proper working farm, it's all crops, and the harvest season starting in a month or so means that at this time the air is full of dust, and left over husks from last years season as we are cleaning out all the grain stores.
As such this is making my hay fever go nuts. Absolute bonkers.

So although the money is really quite good, and although ive only been there a week, Wednesday I'm done on the farm,

Having hay fever all day every day because of work is just no fun at all and when thes another 3 months left till I would be finished I just couldn't deal with it.

Does anyone know of any jobs going anywhere that isn't on a farm?

So yeh the farm job didn't work out, but all is not lost, im currently in the town of Winchester where I'm about to meet up with some very dear friends of mine I haven't seen for close to 4 years, Marie an Sharron :D

I met these two ladies when I was in the backpackers hostel in cairns way back in january 2009, they both sorta became the adoptive parent figures for me up there so I'm quite keen to see them again.

Sorry it's not much of a post but I haven't really gotten up to much since the last one. Ive worked and that's about it, I think once you'd take out my lunch breaks I'm up to 70 something hours worked in the last week.

Will post up again when I have worked something out.

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