Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Been putting it off for a while, no longer.

ok to all my valued readers,

sorry its taken so long to post up but jet lag has been a major bitch to me haha and everytime i have tried to write something, its been no better written than the post i made in korea.

I suppose that most of you are thinking he's in Amsterdam, hes just living it up.

well truth be told i havent done much of anything haha, havent had the energy for it, been waking up at weird hours etc.  I knew that jet lag would be a pain in the ass, but its so much worse then people have let on haha. but its not in a painful way as i had expected, its just annoying more then anything, im here in amsterdam and i want to get out and see the sights, but when i have energy its the middle of the night and when its daytime i have none haha.

its getting better though, i have spent the majority of today out walking around with scotty, a dude in my dorm from perth and then a good mate of mine Bastiaan who is dutch came to see me :D

Bastian (Left) Me (right)
 All in all, i like Amsterdam the city itself is very old, all the buildings are old 3-4 story buildings and have a very cool boutique sort of feel to them, which is accentuated by the shops that they house.

the section of the city im staying in is very touristy, which i generally dont like.  i dunno if thats from being brought up on acreage all my life i just dont really like built up busy areas, or from being a tour guide in the outback whenever around a large amount of people never really appealed to me, i like the smaller crowds and the places that are slightly less frequented.

so this morning when i woke up at 6am and couldnt get back to sleep as my body was saying its actually 2pm haha, i decided to go for a walk.

im not actually sure where i ended up i suppose i could check the geotags on the pics but i found my way out of the center of amsterdam and ended up where the locals live, where they work and where they shop, and it was brilliant.

it was no longer touristy, it was normal.

i know that may seem like a weird thing to like, but the way i see it is that anyone can see a place as a tourist, i would rather see a place as a local. Thats why when i go to england and find a job, i plan to rent an apartment, and live there for a while. find all the places that the locals go, become a part of the community for a while.

thats one reason why even though im only in holland at the moment for probably 2 weeks or so, i will definately be back.

A few of the places i found were just breathtakingly beautiful that im afraid even with my nice big camera (Sony A55) i couldnt capture what i was seeing properly and deleted the photos haha.

here are a few though,

A few of a church tower i saw when taking detours through all the back alleys

A shot of the front of part of the Bulldog Bar, this seems to be a very large pub/bar/thing. theres 3 side by side on this particular street and a few more scattered around the place.
going by advice given to me by a mate of mine from alice springs i have not frequented it but i dont know why i shouldnt go there, any ideas? haha

Only in Holland haha

Going here tomorrow haha. 

A few of the places that im planning on checking out before i leave are the Hash and hemp museum, the medieval torture museum, Madame Tussards and the Van Gogh museum.

This coming friday i am also going to be catching up with some friends from my very last tour with groovy grape getaways in Leiden i think it is, and then a party at another mates place ~15 mins north of Amsterdam for the European Championships (soccer).

in pre-emptive for the EC party, i have purchased a nice orange scarf and the above i AMsterdam beanie haha.

i think thats it for amsterdam so far, but here are a few pictures from the trip over.

The hotel i stayed in while in Korea, Incheon City

Tipped the hotel staff 10,000 won

What i believe is the coast line of Denmark

Ice Crystals on my window


  1. Just posting to let you know I'm reading it ;-)

    There is nothing more depressing then writing a blog which (you think) goes unnoticed!

  2. Glenn J (from BRC)8 June 2012 at 22:00

    Hey Ross

    Good to see you made over OK. Hope your time goes well. When you head to the UK, don't get too caught up with their long liquid lunches lol.

    Keep posting.