Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Apologies to one, apologies to all

Ok it's been over s month since I last put up s post,

So as I'm quiet in the pub I figure I may as well do something haha.

I have been enjoying my life here in Edinburgh so far, but I haven't really done much, it's basically been all work and no play, there have been a few moments when I get out on the town with mates, but nothing really to report .

I have however booked flights yesterday for a holiday at the end of October :D

Flying to alicante in Spain for a 2 week holiday, can't wait.

Sorry it's not much of a post but to be honest since I moved into the flat I haven't really done much.

Will put some pictures up over the next few days when I get a chance and im on the laptop not on the iPad.

Cheers :)

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