Monday, 8 October 2012

Well, a turn of events has changed everything...

So it seems that my "holiday" has been put on hold over the last few weeks(months).

When I left Australia I was full of ideas of what I hoped to achieve over here in Europe, some of these being traveling around the different countries seeing what new places I can discover, seeing people I hadn't seen for ages and meeting and greeting new people.

Working in a really quiet pub has given me time to ponder the things I'm doing, the choices I'm making and I've come up with a few little niggles in life that have me wondering what if.

I was recently in quite a lot of pain for a period of about 4 weeks.
It started when I had fallen over at work running up the stairs during a particularly busy shift and I landed on my wrist bruising the bone.

After this healed (5 days later) I started developing pains all over my body, but mostly contained to the knees, shoulders and ankles. A few looks on the net I was putting this down to malnutrition however after changing my diet to eating properly, taking multivitamins it was still occurring to the point where to sleep I need to take sleeping pills and 400mg of ibuprofen every night.

Finally got around to seeing a physio for this and found out that my pelvis was out of line which was making everything work in ways they aren't used to hence the pain, and to top it off I've damaged the cartilage in my knee.

So after the last 3 weeks of ibuprofen and sleeping tablets, I'm pain free although it scares me slightly to say I still can't sleep without the sleeping tablets.

One good thing though that came about from my needing to go to the physio over here, is that it made me find my travel documents.
All the time I have been over here, I was under the impression the flights that were booked for my return to aus, was that they were booked for return in may 2013.

Turns out I fly back on the 28th of February not may, good thing I looked it up as I wouldn't have bothered looking till it got closer to may and by then the flight would have long ago departed.

So as with my original plans of just pushing the flights back to a later date, I have been doing a lot of thinking.
Do I contact my travel agent and get a price on pushing back the flights or do I use the original ticket.

As much as I have loved Europe, I'm planning at this time to be back in aus on the original flights.
This is for a few reasons.

1. The minimum wage over here is absolute shite.
2. I have had many many jobs over the past few years, some I really enjoyed, some I abhorently hated. Although I really enjoy working in the pub, I have only ever truly loved one job in my life, and that's guiding.  I have tried to apply for guiding jobs over here but they apparently don't like what they saw as I was never picked for the positions.
3. Being away from Australia has given me the outside perspective that everyone who visits says its amazing, beautiful, dangerous and awe inspiring. I knew it to be so when I lived there, and visiting other parts of the world is just as amazing at times, but it's given me the perspective I needed to realize that no matter what happens, Australia will always be home.
Be it in Brisbane with some of my best mates (you know who you are) or in the central desert with the countless flies and red sand where my love of tourism is able to really let go.

So long and short of it, I'm coming home at the end of feb. I will be landing in Brisbane on the 3rd I think it is, and at this point in time im planning on staying there for a short while, and then head back to Adelaide to start the rest of my life in the desert.

In other news, come the 30th October I'm on 2 weeks holiday :D 2 weeks in alicante, Spain should be a nice reprive from the past 3 months of working in the pub.

Then it's a few more weeks working in the guilty lily here in Edinburgh till it closes at the end of November where I'm transferring to the cocktail bar we have at west end.

Christmas time in africa with the family and then I'm planning on doing the loony doonk here in Edinburgh and then going on a final 2 months travels around eastern Europe before flying back to aus.

Sorry for having so much time between posts, but honestly there hasn't been much of late to write about as all that's been happening was work.

Will put some photos up when I am back at the house with my laptop wheat at this point in time it's just me in the pub on the iPad.

Greets to all,


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  1. ROFL!!!! Your such a shocker! Leaving it 4 weeks of pain! Silly Boy!! :-P

    Glad to hear that you are missing us! Crack up about the flights! Be good to catch up! :-)