Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I think I just peed a lil

Well I sit here whole at work thinking about what Australia has done for me.

It might seem like a bit if a weird topic to be thinking of but let me assure you this job is not something that you need to think about very often.

Australia has brought me happiness, sadness and pain. Seems deep but In all honesty it's a place that can bring everything to anyone.

The years I spent tour guiding backpackers around the country have provided me with a will to see other lands, experience other cultures. To see the places I have heard about from the people I was paid to drive. I'm really quite excited not only to visit the other places that the world has to offer, but to meet up with all the people I have met in the past few years.

It has given me an education, multiple job opportunities in various industries, friends, enemies and everything in between.

As I'm sitting here with what I have roughly counted to be 12 days left in the country, I realise it's getting kinda scary to be honest. In less then 2 weeks i will be terrorizing the citizens of Amsterdam. It's getting real.

Contrary to the post title, I have not peed myself, but it's coming up to one of those circumstances where I think it could be an apt situation at times but then I remember that I have barely any clothes to change into.....

Can anyone who is reading this please confirm for me what I have been slightly assuming?!

All my clothes are suited for Australia. What little amount of clothes I have anyway.
When I get to Europe, it is going to be summer still, but will end up trailing into winter. What I have thought is that the clothes that are suited to a winter in Europe are expensive as hell here in Australia, so by my logic (not very good sometimes) over in Europe, clothes suited to Europe will be a lot cheaper then here in Australia.

Yes? No?


  1. Yo Ross!
    Well, the weather is absolutely amazing in Holland at this very moment. But rain is something that we get quite often ;)
    Buying your winter clothes here in holland seems like a smart thing to do. With the current exchange rates everything will seem pretty cheap to you once you get here. And winter clothing.. It's not much more than slightly warmer shoes, jeans a shirt and a sweater. And a proper Jacket. We do warm our homes here in europe during winter ;-)!
    And just to prepare you. Holland is a busy place with a shitload of people, be prepared ;-)
    I'll send you my phonenr on Facebook :-)

    Enjoy the feeling of starting a special part of your life once you've gone through customs on your end of the world! End enjoy the long... long ... long flight ;)

  2. hi son,
    buy clothes locally, its a heap cheaper than taking the wrong clothes halfway round the world. mum and i are watching your musings and glad to follow your trip