Saturday, 12 May 2012

A bit of pointless rabble.... sorta

Well, its been a few days since my last post.

My boss at work has been informed of my resignation and impending trip, but being as professional as i can be, I have always worked as hard as possible so that i never burn a bridge when i leave a company.
This is for a few reasons. it gives me future references and also possible future job opportunities may the need arise.

He was sad to see me leaving so soon after starting but as he said, its not everyday that a trip opportunity comes around so take it and let them know when i get back.

I will say that as i listen to Hootie and the Blowfish screaming let her cry in the background, its not actually a sad moment for me to be leaving the company.

Im not saying that it was a regrettable job, i've had many a moment in the job that were great, the other staff are all (with one exception) great and easy to get along with and the customers...... well the people that park in the carpark are of a very varied nature. some are easy to get along with and can crack jokes with them and just nice people. others are absolute assholes.

kinda like the guy that has a reserved bay, but someone parked in it during lunch rush so he parked in the driveway blocking them in and then ran off with the keys.

this meant that we had to jack his car and roll it into another bay later that day when we found out what had happened. I mean, when you pay X amount a month for a perm bay thats fair enough but when we make 10X+ a day in the carpark your actually not as important as you think.

in the process of moving said car on the roller jacks, said car got stuck in joins in carpark, ran over my left foot which a week later is still sore, and then had the nerve to yell at the other attendants that he spoke to (cause we left his car on jacks). the bastard is just lucky that i was waiting for him to come out of work but worked late and missed me.

so all in all this job I'm doing at the moment has had its moments. Both good and bad.
a few of the plus'.

have met some brilliant people,
possible job openings when i get back from europe/the world
have gotten to drive some very very nice cars (Lotus Elise, Merc C63 AMG, Ferrari F340 Spyder, Porsche Carrera just to name a few)

but all in all its just a inbetween job from when i left tour guiding and to when i leave, which on a side note is in 3 WEEKS!!!! To the day!

ok now down to the actual meat of this post, today has been spent so far mostly sleeping, but organizing all my assorted SHIT and in an hour or so i will be taking a large amount of it to the storage where all the family gear is stored for when i get back.

oh yeh, i have also received an email in the last week stating that my Visa for the UK has been approved. so i should shortly be receiving in the mail the documents for that and my passport back.
Im now eligible to work in the UK :D

sorry for the long winded post, and somewhat off topic sections,
will keep posting as new things happen

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