Wednesday, 2 May 2012

McFears 2nd post, all about mistakes and misgivings and 2nd thoughts

Well I know my first post was yesterday evening, not even 12 hours ago.

But I was reading through what I had written and realized I had skipped over a few "key" points.
First of which was the mention of the pussy party I had mentioned it but hadn't given any description of any sort of it.

Basically its run by a group of bike riders called 2 wheel babes, they are having a fundraiser for the batten organization for battens disease. A mate of mine is the owner of pussy downunder, which imports an energy drink called pussy.

These two have grouped up to have what's been named the pussy party, it's $25 entry with food all night and a free pussy cocktail on entry. All proceeds are going towards the battens organization, for more information and to book tickets, check out It's a worthy cause and I'll be there for my last night in aus :D

The second thing that I forgot to mention yesterday was that I'm secretly packing myself.
What if I haven't got enough money saved up.
What if I don't find a job
What if something happens and I get waylaid on my trips and stuck
 What if
What if
What if

 I'm pushing these thoughts away because I know if I let them get to me i'll never go but it's still making me a bit nervous. I suppose the best thing to do is just continue looking forward and then getting on that plane. But hey life's not without it's challenges.


  1. Youll be right Ross - Hook in! if you can handle abus full of wayeward backpackers youll be all over it like a flash

  2. It will be a piece of piss mate!

    If you're still in Europe after a couple of years my girlfriend and I will be almost there on our bikes (we're in Malaysia at the moment).

    Take care,


    ps. Had a can of that tasty drink your talking about in Byron bay. It's the goods!

  3. Yeh it's wicked, doesn't taste like an energy drink at all. It's more like a passiona or something haha, no aftertaste like the others,

    Yeh for sure mate, if I'm still there will have to catch up. Keep an eye on the blog i'll be updating it pretty regularly so you can see where I am if need be, do you have a blog?