Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The lead up........

Well my first post on here is written with a bit of apprehension and excitement.

 Not 2 days ago I handed over The largest amount of money I have paid for anything with the exception of my motorbikes when I paid for my flights to Europe.
Wow. It's happening.

I'm actually writing this on my iPad which I bought today on a whim thinking I might need it while sitting on the train on the way home from a job that is mind killingly dull and only a means to an end.

Back on topic, for the past close to 2 years I was a tour guide in the Australian outback, Both in a 4x4 troopy bouncing backpackers around for up to 10 days offroad or in a bus with up to 21.
What came from this was a deep desire to see other places within the world and catch up with old friends.

 From all of the people I have met, all of the stories I have heard about other places, "mystical" places it has only deepend my desire to see these other places. So upon my parents saying they will buy my tickets to Europe as a 21st birthday present it all of a sudden brought my dreams into a reality.

The past week has been mayhem. Absolute mayhem. From trying to sell my motorbike online over the past few months and having no hits on it whatsoever, to putting it on a different website and it selling within 3 days, to my parents moving overseas to Africa not 2 weeks ago leaving me the last McPhee in the country in my direct family, as my sister had moved to America a few months ago. Having to organize fencing at the family property, all the mail redirection bank accounts and phone accounts it's been hectic.

So now living with the neighbors for the next 2 weeks and another yet to be determined place for the following 2 weeks I'm finally able to slow down a little bit, my appointment at the British consulate went well. Or at least as well as getting your photo and fingerprints taken can. I now await my approval from them to say I'm legally allowed to enter the UK with the intentions to work. With the majority of my work now done, I'm able to sit in at my dead end job as a valet in Brisbane parking cars and getting dumber by the day until the time comes for my departure.

I even have an unofficial going away party.

I'm involved in a company "pussydownunder" which is a energy drink quite popular in Europe, but we are having a bit of trouble getting it into shops in Brisbane some due to the name, and others with contracts. Anyway, we are having a party in Brisbane on the 2nd of June as a fundraiser for the battens organization, so it's party Friday night, and then the Saturday morning, I am due at the airport about 6am for my flights to Amsterdam haha oh well at least I should be able to sleep on the plane to Seoul. Anyway that's it for now, my train is nearly at home.

Will hopefully get a few updates in before I leave home and then will put new posts in as I can when I'm overseas.

Ross :D

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